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Meet the most innovative and inspiring people living in Sweden's global capital. Former BBC radio anchor Maddy Savage delves into the city's startup, design, food, culture and wellness scenes, to sound out who's making Stockholm special, troubleshooting its challenges and shaping its future. All episodes are in English and designed for you to hear and share in around ten minutes.


S3 E11 | The entrepreneur helping creatives to start coding

Sandra Hindskog is the co-founder of both Tjejer kodar, which runs coding camps for women in cities including Stockholm, Berlin and Barcelona, and Technigo - a pop up tech school for men and women based in the Swedish capital. Sandra was listed among Sweden’s most inspiring 100 female role models by Expressen, one of the nation’s biggest newspapers, and named by Elle Sweden as among the most powerful women in tech. In this episode she explains her passion for programming and why she wants more people from different industries to give it a go. You can support The Stockholmer’s fully independent journalism by making a one-off secure contribution of any amount. Click the DONATE button on


 2017-11-14  14m