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"Manhattan Madam" faces grand jury in Mueller probe; Kristin Davis has ties to Trump confidant Roger Stone, Manafort trial delayed by secretive meetings with judge

Andrew Miller, a former aide to Roger Stone, skips grand jury hearing, challenging Mueller subpoena, Roger Stone says he hasn't been contacted by Mueller team, Mueller subpoenas Randy Crecido, identified by Roger Stone as his Wikileaks back channel, Washington Post: Omarosa claims she was offered $15,000 a month to keep silent about her time in White House, White House claims Omarosa tell-all is "Riddled with lies", Trump slams NFL payers for anthem protests, stays quiet on planned White Supremacist march near White House, Ingraham: "The America we know and love doesn't exist anymore", Source: Melania Trump used "Chain migration" visa opposed by President to get her parents citizenship, Mueller probe focuses on people tied to Roger Stone, Washington Post: Omarosa claims she was offered hush money, Russian Prime Minister: New U.S. sanctions could be a "Declaration of economic war" via Knit


 2018-08-11  37m