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Trump: AG Sessions should stop Russia probe right now; Prosecutors: May not call star witness in Manafort trial; Giuliani: Trump team received response form Mueller on possible interview

White House: That's Trump's opinion, "not an order"; Giuliani: "No presidential order was issued or will be"; Trump's call for Attny Gen Sessions to end Mueller probe raises new questions about obstruction of justice; White House: Trump "does not support violence against anyone"; GOP Senators: Trump can't ask Sessions to end Mueller probe; Say Russia investigation must move forward; Prosecutors describe Manafort's lavish purchases, but jury is barred from seeing his luxury items; FBI Agent: Manafort's name found on loan & wire transfer docs; CNN Exclusive: TSA considers eliminating screenings at some airports; Eight dead in wildfires; 17,000 homes threatened via Knit


 2018-08-02  37m