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Department of Justice Watchdog finds Comey violated FBI norms on Clinton probe, but not politically motivated; Department of Justice Watchdog: Comey's reason for announcing reopening of Clinton probe was "unpersuasive"; Standing by for FBI news conference

Department of Justice Watchdog: No evidence bias impacted Clinton probe, but conduct by some "cast a cloud" over FBI; Department of Justice Watchdog: Texts by FBI officials Strzok and Page create appearance of bias in investigative decisions; White House: Watchdog report "reaffirms" Trump's "suspicions" about former FBI director Comey; North Korea shows video of Trump saluting regime General; White House defends Trump salute to North Korean General; FBI news conference reacting to Department of Justice Watchdog report

; FBI Director: we accept Department of Justice Watchdog report's findings; Hillary Clinton responds to Department of Justice Watchdog report. via Knit


 2018-06-15  52m