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Intel Chief: Russians trying to interfere in elections, aiming to "weaken and divide" U.S. ahead of midterms, U.S. official: Russian spy worked in U.S. embassy in Moscow for a decade before discovery, Prosecutors: Manafort spent millions on electronics an

White House touts plans to fight election interference after Trump repeatedly calls Russian attacks a "hoax", Ivanka Trump: media not the enemy of the people; White House press secretary refuses to say the same, FBI director: foreign influence threat is "broad and deep"; says task force working nationwide to combat it, Mueller seeks interview with Russian oligarch and pop star son who encouraged Trump Tower meeting, NSA Director hints he's authorized to hit back at cyberattacks, intel chief: "not in a position to either understand fully or talk about" Trump's meeting with Putin, alleged spy's sloppy tactics drew attention, will Russians talk with Mueller's team? Sources: alleged spy bragged about her ties to Russian intelligence when intoxicated via Knit


 2018-08-03  37m