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In a new attempt to distract from criticism, Trump tells supporters "What you're not what's happening"; NY Times: Trump Campaign Deputy Rick Gates took $300,000 from top GOP fundraisers to help navigate administration; Feds: $12 billion bailou

GOP Intel leaders split on surveillance of ex-Trump adviser; Burr: "Sound reasons" for judges to approve warrant; GOP leaders say Putin not welcome on Capitol Hill; Ryan: "Need to be firmer" on Russia's election attacks; GOP's Coffman: "First summit was a terrible mistake"; says "the second summit will be equally bad"; U.N. Ambassador Haley: U.S. will "never" trust Russia; Ryan: Trump "trolling" people with security clearance threat; Sessions repeats "Lock her up", laughs off crowd's chants; U.S. Intel warns of Russian threat to power grid and more; Ivanka Trump closing her company; Ethics issues unresolved via Knit


 2018-07-25  37m