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Meet the most innovative and inspiring people living in Sweden's global capital. Former BBC radio anchor Maddy Savage delves into the city's startup, design, food, culture and wellness scenes, to sound out who's making Stockholm special, troubleshooting its challenges and shaping its future. All episodes are in English and designed for you to hear and share in around ten minutes.



S3 E15 | The serial cofounder rescuing Sweden's leftover food

Elsa Bernadotte is on a mission to rescue leftover meals as the cofounder and Chief Operating Officer at one of Sweden’s fastest growing food apps, Karma. The sustainability-focussed company was listed among the hottest Stockholm startups by Wired magazine earlier this year. It's attracted more than a million dollars in investment and has a growing international team. Aged 29, Elsa’s already made one successful business exit, selling her first venture - a frozen snack startup called Popfruits. In this episode she shares her journey and some of her top tips for starting a business. You can support The Stockholmer’s fully independent journalism by making a one-off secure contribution of any amount. Click the DONATE button on


 2017-12-12  16m