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episode 50: #50: A Guide to Life Transitions

We face life transitions in our daily lives; majority of the time they are unexpected. What about the things that matter the most like marriage, babies, taking care of parents, etc.? In Season 2, Episode 44 about Milestone Moments, we cover important milestones that occur in one’s life. You can say these transitions/phases help setup your journey to experiencing these key milestones in your life. We’ll go over the most life changing ones with a few exceptions.
Do You Have A Guide To Tackling Life’s Transitions? Outline

What is your definition of a life transition?
According to Managing Difficult Life Transitions, these losses are affiliated with life transitions:

Do you agree with this list? Why or why not?

We have covered the elements of loss affiliated with life transitions, here are various ones you may potentially go through:

Becoming an adult
Changing careers
Becoming disabled/ill
Raising children
Changing gender identity (LGBTQ)
Losing your life partner(s) via death/divorce/imprisonment
Change of religion
Rehabilitation back into society via prison, comatose, or rehabilitation treatment
Which ones are the most important from the listed?

* Are there any life transitions that are unique to an individual?
Resource Reads:

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