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FreshEd #102 – Empowered Educators (Linda Darling - Hammond/re-run)

Last week, Linda Darling-Hammond was named the head of California’s State Board of Education, the governing and policy-making body of the California Department of Education. With over six million students and nearly 300,000 teachers in California, this is a powerful position. Last year, Linda Darling-Hammond joined me to talk about her co-authored book Empowered Educators: How high-performing systems shape teaching quality around the world. The book explores how several countries and jurisdictions have developed comprehensive teaching and learning systems that produce a range of positive outcomes, from student achievement to equity and from a professionalized teaching workforce to the integration of research and practice. Linda Darling-Hammond is the president of the Learning Policy Institute and a Professor of Education Emeritus at Standard University. Email: Twitter: @freshedpodcast


 2019-02-18  34m