Jobbers Of The Realm: A Pathfinder Actual Play Podcast

A bi-weekly Pathfinder Podcast: Jobbers of the Realm! Follow Kirrien the Strix Magus, C.J. the Rogue Kobold, and Hijo Del Milagro, the Catfolk Luchador as they explore the world in the name of wrestling and stuff. We post every week on Wednesday, ideally in the morning. Make sure to talk about us on Social Media using the hashtag #JOTRcast!


episode 25: Ep. 25: Tournament of Icons - Part 8

Now that the charges have been dropped, there's a fight brewing, as well as intrigue around this new piece of armor! Is Kirrien really some kind of vessel of the gods, or is this one big misunderstanding? Some fisticuffs 'aught to sort this out. 


 2018-05-31  1h55m