American Family Farmer

The American Family Farmer Show is the weekly voice for small, independent farm owners, as well hobby farmers and all of those interested in eating natural foods that make as few stops as possible from the farm to the table.



02/13/19 - New Help is Available For Young Farmers

Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan, begins with a look at how Rural American hospitals and schools are closing and so far there has been no real reaction from the Federal Government. Next, Doug introduces Holly Rippon-Butler, who is Land Access Program Director for the National Young Farmers Coalition. Holly grew up on her family’s multi-generation dairy and beef farm in Upstate New York, where she continues to farm with her parents. She has focused her work on the intersection of food, farmland protection, and policy. The National Young Farmers Coalition supports practices and policies that will sustain young, independent and prosperous farmers now and in the future. Finally, Doug opines in-depth about the new tax laws and why they are too complicated and how politicians are using The Farmer.


 2019-02-18  35m