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15: Grab a Hoagie

Dan and Jim talk about Apple's departure and quick return to EPEAT certification, the Tweetbot for Mac alpha release, Android vs. iOS market share, business models for blogs, and much more!Links for this episode:

  • Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Apple returns to EPEAT environmental impact rating group: 'I recognize that this was a mistake' | The Verge
  • Apple - Environment - A letter from Bob Mansfield
  • Microsoft Kin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Microsoft Courier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Tweetbot for Mac — Tapbots Blog
  • The New TBR Business Model — The Brooks Review
  • Apple doubles its nearest Android competitor in market share
  • 30 Tweets That Are So 2006
  • The story behind how Apple’s iCloud data center got built — Cleantech News and Analysis
  • A Flaw in Apple's In-App Purchase System Enables 30K Illegal Sales
  • Way Huge Aqua-Puss MKII Analog Delay | Musician’s Friend
  • Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal | Musician's Friend
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 2012-07-13  1h48m