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8: Feel Every Note

Jim and Dan talk discuss the the larger iPhone screen rumor, insight on how Apple works, some great Mac apps, Comic Sans, Dell's decline, Chrome overtaking IE, Ron Johnson's performance at JC Penny and how to play lead guitar.Links for this episode:

  • Likely next-generation iPhone with 3.999-inch display, 1136 x 640 resolution in testing (updated: more decimals) | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
  • Good Will Blogging » Wishful Thinking
  • More thoughts on a larger screen iPhone
  • Panic unveils Coda 2, Diet Coda for iPad
  • Diet Coda
  • Pixelmator
  • Mac App Store - Pixelmator
  • CleverKite Cloud
  • Fontroversy: What's the Deal with Comic Sans? - DesignFestival » For Web Design Trends | Inspiration | Design Theory | Colors | Web Fonts | UX | Photoshop | Tutorials and more
  • Dell Q1 net profit down nearly 33% at $635m - PTI -
  • Google Chrome Leapfrogs Internet Explorer as the Web's Top Browser
  • Top 5 Browsers from W20 2011 to W20 2012 | StatCounter Global Stats
  • Former Apple retail chief under fire as JC Penney stock plummets
  • Capo - Learn Your Music
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 2012-05-23  1h27m