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episode 53: Episode 53 - New Co-Host Christina Stiles!

Join us this week with new co-host Christina Stiles! Much talk about D&D 5E, new projects, Pathfinder, various bits of RPG news, and some other things. In 2 weeks we do our next show (3/7/2019) and will be switching things up so stay tuned! --

Favorite Character / Game you are currently in  / Character Lesson

-- Christina: Pathfinder sahuagin wereshark, Zarakeen. I want to eat that.  Skull & Shackles campaign

-- Scott: Demi-lich

-- Mike: On Turbine Wings and Jill-Bot’s descent to depravity

Favorite Working Project

-- Christina: Working on Book of Passion Bestiary and a nonfiction book at the moment. Also will begin working on the 5e version of Ravensberg my students wrote that is a charity product on DriveThru

-- Scott: Alternate Paths Magic 2

-- Mike: Trade War came out for both 5E and SotDL (also EN5ider has 3 more free articles including a dungeoooon)

Favorite New Project (not yours; if you can profit, it is not this 

-- Mike: (and Warden soon)


-- Scott: Updates to PF2 playtest

-- Mike: No resonance

D&D 5E News & Speculation

-- Stranger Things

-- Strongholds & Followers is out

-- Illrigger

-- Next WotC book is nautical adventures

-- 5E Numenara from Monte Cook 

Other RPG News

-- Morrus/EN World no longer part of the ENnies

-- Robocross madness

-- Zak S is a shitheel (official GenCon announcement)

-- Gamehole Con disinvites Mentzer

-- Matthew MacFarland at Onyx Path (and everywhere else)

-- Roll20 got hacked

Other Media of Interest

-- GEN:lock is really solid.

-- Last Man

-- Twilight zone

-- Marvel cancels Netflix's Punisher and Jessica Jones

Current Kickstarters 




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