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ERA: The Consortium Podcast Episode: 079 – Found Him!

Hello everyone and welcome to Dice And Stuff! Today we are excited to bring you episode 79
in our ERA: The Consortium podcast series
this episode is entitled:
“Found Him” After a long hunt that has lasted nearly
50 episodes Lanceer, Tiberious and Zani
finally have Triple A Dain right where they
want him. But, he isn’t caught yet, first
they have to make it into, the panic room. Will they breach the door?
Will Triple A Dain finally go down? Please sit back and enjoy:
“Found Him”   Make sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter !! You can also check us out on ITunes! (All music is used with permission from the band: Dreams Destruction) (Artwork for ERA: The Consortium given with permission by: Ed Jowett)


 2017-01-22  31m