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THE SWARM – Part 8

Hello Everyone and welcome to Dice And Stuff! Today we conclude our ERA Survival Podcast Series
THE SWARM with EPISODE 8 In this episode with the SWARM inbound on the city
and terror gripping it’s inhabitants; Liv, Avery, and Quintin rush against time
to open the main gates of the city and let the SWARM inside to cleanse the
infected city! But, all it takes is one wrong move and the city security force will bear down
on them in force. Please sit back and enjoy the conclusion of,
THE SWARM: Episode 8 Interested to know more about the world,
lore, and game system for ERA: Survival? Check out SHADES OF VENGEANCE for all that and more!   (All music is used with permission from the band: Dreams Destruction) (Artwork for ERA: Survival given with permission by: Ed Jowett)


 2018-04-17  24m