Chicane Presents Sun:Sets

From the originator of Trance, Chicane presents Sunsets, a monthly series of tracks that lead straight from the beach to the dancefloor. Chill to kill. Produced by


Chicane Sun:Sets Vol 31

Back at home in the mountains after a sell-out live show at Koko in London, Chicane returns for Sun:Sets with music from Mylo, Moby, John Williams, Daft Punk and many more. There's not many radio shows where you can hear the Jurassic Park theme tune..

1. Mylo - Valley of the Dolls
2. Wax Stag - Night Trek (Bibio Remix)
3. Paul Haslinger - Eternity In a Day
(Chosen by Scott from Bournemouth From the Film Underworld)
4. John Williams - Theme From Deer Hunter
(Chosen by Christoph in Thailand)
5. Moby - God Moving Over the Face of The Water
(Chosen by David In Windsor - From the film Heat)
6. John Williams - Main Theme From Jurassic Park
Chosen by Neil in Reading
7. Daft Punk - Recogniser / The Grid
(From the film Tron Legacy)
8. Mylo - In My Arms
9. Andi Wide - Be Where You Are
10. Morrison Kiers - Yunalesca (Roald Veldon Remix)
11. Jacqueline - Fearless
12. IVC - Halcyon


 2015-02-27  58m