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episode 51: #51: What Should a Proper Male Be Able to Do?

On Valentine’s Day, Drey was at Stater Brothers buying groceries for the dinner he was preparing for his wife. Drey noticed a guy walking around completely lost in the frozen food section; he stood out because he had flowers in one hand and Eggo waffles in the other. Drey had questions in his mind.  Like, what was his game plan? If he did not know how to cook, why did he not make dinner reservations instead of going to the market? This begs the question, what is a guy “suppose” to be able to do for his partner? As much as it’s easy to make fun of people that lack the skills that we have, is there really a guide of things that everyone needs to be able to do before they get to a certain age?
What Should A Proper Male Adult Be Able To Do In 2019? Outline

* Drey went to the Internet and found multiple guides. Here are some of the more interesting ones we can discuss:

* Cook a proper meal
* Drive a manual transmission
* Properly tie a tie
* Have some self defense knowledge

* Can include anything from military, boxing, martial arts, or weapons training.

* How to find a self defense class near you.

* Sew a button

* This actually shows up on multiple lists consistently.

* Start a fire

* Also shows up on multiple lists consistently.

* Have some level of competency with auto repair.
* Have some level of competency with household maintenance

* Do you think the evolving landscape of dating and technology in general have changed the relevancy of these lists at all?
* Do you have a list of what you think your partner or all women should be able to do?
* Have you ever been caught in not knowing how to do something you were “supposed” to know how to do
* Are there any things that you feel are important to know how to do that weren’t included on this list
* Resource Reads:

* 25 Things Every Man Should Be Able To Do By The Time He’s 25
* 20 Things Men Should Be Able to Do
* 50 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do By 50
* Skills Men Need: 4 Things Every Man Should Know How to Do

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 2019-02-24  59m