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episode 80: GNR 80 – Geil on Main

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Dave and Fab sit down to talk about Destiny 2, drawing on the iPad, Dicey Dungeons and Brexit, of course.

Lots of interesting stuff is happening in our community. The Discord now has a servitor (thanks, Niklas!) and Fab has started a daily tech news podcast. He’s also a Twitch Affiliate now. And if Fab wasn’t busy enough, he’s started a Sunday column to round it all out – it’s German, though.

Aside from Star Trek Discovery coming back, there’s also a Michelle Yeoh spinoff in the works.

Fab reviews his 10.5″ iPad Pro and drawing on it with the Apple Pencil.


— Fabian A. Scherschel (@fabsh) December 30, 2018

I made some art today. #Procreate

— Fabian A. Scherschel (@fabsh) January 7, 2019

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I entered a competition and didn't win. #paintingwarhammer #warhammerworld

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Dave has been playing Destiny 2 on the PC and explains why he likes it a lot. He also gives a quick review of Dicey Dungeons.

Vets say many people mistook hamsters' giant balls as tumor. Your hammy got huge nuts?

— 9GAG (@9GAG) September 29, 2017

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 2019-02-01  2h12m