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Join forensic engineer Sean Brady as he discusses engineering failures and disasters. Sean examines both the technical and human causes of failure, explores failures in a range of professions, and talks about why our decision making is not nearly as rational as we’d like to think. Follow our Twitter updates at @BradyHeywoodPod


episode 21: Episode 21 – Apollo 13 P1: Head for the Hills

Apollo 13 is 200,000 miles from earth when it’s crippled by an explosion. On board are astronauts Jack Swigert, Fred Haise, and Commander Jim Lovell. In this five-part series we follow the story of the three astronauts, as well as the scores of people in Mission Control, who scramble to bring Apollo 13 home. We take a deep dive into both the human and technical challenges they face.  A new episode will be released every Thursday for the next five weeks. The series will also be accompanied by bonus material, in the form of photographs and graphics, which will be posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Twitter at @BradyHeywoodPod Facebook Instagram Email For more details on Apollo 13, please read Jeffrey Kluger and Jim Lovell’s wonderful book titled 'Apollo 13'. Many of the conversations presented in this podcast are from this book. Details of the spacecraft configuration at the time of the explosion can be found here: All the NASA audio used in the series can be found at: (The Audio is edited.) The ABC coverage of the launch can be found at: (The Audio is edited.) #Apollo13 #BradyHeywood #BradyHeywoodPod #Apollo13 #NASA #Twitter#Facebook #Instagram #podcasting #Podcast #PodcastSeries


 2018-11-14  50m