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episode 52: #52: Moving In Together

I am the resident old guy of this group. One thing that I have never done is live with a girlfriend. In episode 50 Do You Have A Guide To Tackling Life Transitions?, we discussed “Becoming an adult.” I mentioned that I will never been an adult. I consider living with your partner as becoming an adult because a couple is sharing a home and responsibilities together. It is also a step or leap into likely marriage. Ryan and Andrey lives with their partners so I thought I might pick their brains about the topic. This may be informative for those that are thinking about living with their partners.
When Couples Decide To Move In With Each Other? Outline

* How many times have you lived with your lovers?
* Do you guys have a time range of when couples should move in together? Example, 6 months of dating? 1 year? 2 years?
* Is it a good idea to live with your partner first especially if marriage is the potential goal?
* Was this a decision that you made? Your partner made? Or both of you made together?
* How is the house rules determined? Home upkeep? Financial?
* What was your first experience like the first time you lived with your partner?

* Do you guys have advice for first timers?

* If you plan on living together, do you let your parents know beforehand?

* Some parents are old fashioned and religion is also a factor (ie. reference Dr. Events episode).

* What happens if you discover that you cannot live with your partner?

* Is breaking up imminent?

* Resource Reads:Is It Time To Move In Together? 10 Ways To Know.

* How Long Should You Date Before Moving In Together?


* “I’m Afraid To Tell My Parents That I’m Moving In With My Boyfriend.”


* 10 Couples Who Just Moved In Together Admit What They Already Can’t Stand About It.


* What I Wish I’d Known Before Moving In Together.

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 2019-03-03  42m