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Stories from Earth: with updates on Ecosia and our reforestation projects, conversations with remarkable environmentalists and climate change experts, fascinating facts about science and nature, and personal stories. Brought to you with love from Ecosia's HQ in Berlin and our reforestation projects around the world.


episode 5: Food and the desert: sounds from our project in Andalusia, Spain

Spain produces 12% of the EU’s fruit and vegetables. It is home to over half of Europe’s animal and plant species. Yet 75% of the country’s soil is degraded. Large parts of Spain are on the brink of becoming a desert.

We had to do something. So we partnered with Alvelal, a farmer-led association. Together we’re planting trees and help farmers switch to agricultural practices that regenerate their soil instead of depleting it.

This episode of the Ecosia podcast explores this tree-planting project through interviews, a personal story about going home, and a polyphony of sounds and instruments recorded at our reforestation site by our friends at Sound Matters.


 2019-03-05  9m