Sophie Duker, Heidi Regan and Ned Sedgwick are here to guide you through the bewildering pursuit of adulthood.


29. Trust

In a world of 'post-truth' politics and shiny Instagram lives, the GrownUpLand gang figure out who, or what, they can trust. Mae, Ned and guest host Kemah Bob are joined by impressionist Jess Robinson to discuss the difficulties of having faith in other people and believing in ourselves. Ned looks at whether we can trust politicians, Bisha K Ali beams in to share her issues around self-trust, and Steve Ali recounts the time he was labelled a 'blade wielding attacker' in a national newspaper. Co-created by Deborah Frances-White for The Spontaneity Shop and BBC Radio 4. Produced by Al Riddell Music by Mark Hodge and Omahrose, produced by Nick Sheldon. Featured in this programme: Analysis (30/01/2011) You & Yours (10/09/2018) Analysis (19/11/2017)


 2018-12-27  46m