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We are a real play, role play podcast of a couple of friends recording their Dungeons and Dragons sessions and releasing them to the internet.



episode 48: Touring the City

Welcome to Andover, a bustling city off the coast of Sproates. To the west is Sunset Wharf, where trade ships and travelers from around the world come to dock in our fine city. In the distance, you can see Castle Herse. Home to King Theodor Herse the Dragons' Bane. We are now coming up to the Market District where you will be able to find Wendy's Wares and Wonders. A famous shop for its magical goods. And to your left, you can see a teenage boy getting his fingers broken and peed on by a Teifling, two Humans, and a Gnome. Moving along. We're walking, we're walking.


 2019-01-29  1h10m