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Day Two Cloud 002: How To Do Cloud Right

Welcome to the second episode of Day Two Cloud. This podcast is a frank discussion of what happens when cloud stops being polite and starts getting real.
The promise of the public cloud is both tantalizing and frightening.  There’s the promise of moving all your infrastructure to the cloud and magically simplifying your operations.
Then there’s the terror of moving all your infrastructure to the cloud and immediately putting yourself out of a job.
It turns out that neither of those prospects are necessarily true, and that reality is far more nuanced. So was is that reality? That’s the topic we explore today on the Day Two Cloud podcast.
My guest is Kenny Lowe, Senior Principal Azure Stack Technologist, EMEA at Dell EMC.
We discuss how public cloud, including IaaS, PaaS, and serverless, differ markedly from running virtualized applications on premises, and what enterprises need to be aware of when migrating applications or building new apps in the cloud.
We also look at the gotchas of migrating to PaaS, such as feature gaps between what’s available on premises and what’s available in the cloud.
Kenny also makes the case for why cloud won’t eat your job. That said, you will need to learn new things, and Kenny has some suggestions for where to focus your efforts.
Show Links:
Azure Stack Tips – Kenny Lowe’s blog
Kenny Lowe on Twitter
IT Implementer – Microsoft


 2019-02-06  38m