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episode 53: #53: Trap Questions

While driving back to NorCal from SoCal, Ryan and his girlfriend played the game Fuck, Marry, and Kill. One thing that stood out was how dangerous the game could be if family members were mentioned in the mix (e.g. Ryan’s girlfriend asked him which of HER sisters he would F.M.K.?) Ryan looked online and found a lot of dangerous questions. So let’s get into this topic.
Relationship Trap Questions People Should Look Out For? Outline

* What’s your definition of a relationship trap question?
* Which sex asks relationship trap questions more? Why?
* Here are a list of relationship trap questions. What is your opinions on each one:

* Do these clothes make me look fat?
* How many people have you slept with?
* Is my sister/mother/best friend hot?
* What did you do today?
* Can I have a Guys Night Out or Girls Night Out?

* Do men and women ask different questions?

* What about the LGBT community?

* Resource Reads:

* What Questions Do Girlfriends Ask That Are Actually A Trap?
* 10 Tricky Questions Women Ask?
* How To Answer Those 10 Dreaded Questions Every Woman Ask
* How To Deal With Toxic Behavior And Shit Testing?

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 2019-03-10  37m