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episode 28: Dear Listeners: WE NEED YOUR HELP! (Please)

Hey, listeners! This is just a quick announcement. We have a very special request: We want to hear from you! In celebration of our one-year anniversary (March 15), we're gonna be putting together a special episode, and want your input! We want to hear things like your favorite part of the show, any questions you have about the story, characters, or making of the podcast, and any other thoughts you have about Realms & Nerds! Also, if you happen to have made any fan art, we would love to see it! Send us an email ASAP at! Don't forget to include a first name and last initial in the email for us to refer to you by in the episode (example: Jane D.)! If you don't feel comfortable using your actual name, you don't have to. The more response we get, the better! Thanks again for your support and listenership! We really can't thank you all enough!!!


 2019-03-11  4m