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PODCASTS! We love them and so do you! Since the dawn of time, people connected with good stories. The Podcast Whisper brings this lost art to life as he features amazing shows with podcasters from all over the world. Your host David Alan has been podcasting since 2009. He brings years of experience in the broadcast industry and he’s here to help podcasters fine-tune their shows. Each week he will select a podcast to review while giving advice that will launch you forward.



episode 4: Interview: Laura Beth

Are you confused about Podcasting? What is it anyways? How do you even get started? This weeks episode of the Podcast Whisperer I invited on Podcast Expert who wrote many articles about those very questions including “Rockstar’s Guide to Becoming a Podcast Influencer” “50 Podcast Ideas You Should Try” and my favorite “Podcast Interview Questions You Should Be Asking” Please welcome from Podcast.co Laura Beth Want your show to be featured? Submit it and you might here it on the Podcast Whisperer.


 2019-03-08  32m