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Senator Stewart-Cousins and the NYS Budget

State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-35) talks about the New York State Senate Democrats' priorities for the budget as negotiations get serious ahead of the April 1 deadline.

On her April 1st budget:
"We did include additional funding for the tenant protection unit but our Republican colleagues never wanted to fund it. There will be 94 new positions and we’re letting them look at tenant protection outside of NYC as well," says @AndreaSCousins.

— Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) March 14, 2019

.@AndreaSCousins tells @BrianLehrer sides are in "constant discussion" re marijuana legalization in budget. "If we are going down this path we learn from what happened in other states ... There are a lot of things to hammer out.''

— Tom Precious (@TomPreciousALB) March 14, 2019

@AndreaSCousins on @BrianLehrer says Senate is "very close" in negotiations with @NYGovCuomo on speedy trial, speedy discovery and, especially, bail reform.

— FRED MOGUL (@fredmogul) March 14, 2019

"There is no question that there will be an open and important opportunity for landlords to have their voices heard," says @AndreaSCousins. "The reality is that there has been a very difficult time we’ve had making sure that tenants in NY are able to feel some sort of security."

— Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) March 14, 2019

"My contention is that any process that can go on for almost two years, exclude the community, exclude local elected officials, is a bad process and I believe had the process been better, more inclusive, we would have had a better outcome," says @AndreaSCousins on Amazon deal.

— Brian Lehrer Show (@BrianLehrer) March 14, 2019


 2019-03-14  30m