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episode 54: #54: Disney Syndrome Explained

Dr. Drey, TRP in-house doctor, has been dying to talk about the “Disney Syndrome” again. The Disney Syndrome is the result of overexposure to fantasy. The infected cannot determine the lines between fantasy and reality. In relationships, this is known as the hopeless romantic. We all know friend(s) that have the Disney Syndrome. Some people find it endearing, but is it really healthy to be overly romantic? Before we get into that, let’s cover some other ground first.
The Doctor Wants To Know If You Have The Disney Syndrome? Outline

What does it mean to be a “hopeless romantic” today?
Are you considered a romantic person?
Have you ever dated a hopeless romantic?
Do you think it’s possible to be in a relationship without romance?
Can an overly romantic relationship become sustainable?
How much is too much?
Do you believe idealizing your partner is a good thing?

Studies have shown that idealism can have some positive effects in how you view a relationship; it can serve as the basis to optimism. Other studies have shown that idealizing your partner can lead you to be more satisfied with your partner. 

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 2019-03-17  46m