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Test & Code is a weekly podcast hosted by Brian Okken. The show covers a wide array of topics including software engineering, development, testing, Python programming, and many related topics. When we get into the implementation specifics, that's usually Python, such as Python packaging, tox, pytest, and unittest. However, well over half of the topics are language agnostic, such as data science, DevOps, TDD, public speaking, mentoring, feature testing, NoSQL databases, end to end testing, automation, continuous integration, development methods, Selenium, the testing pyramid, and DevOps.



69: The Pragmatic Programmer - Andy Hunt

Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas wrote the seminal software development book, The Pragmatic Programmer. Together they founded The Pragmatic Programmers and are well known as founders of the agile movement and authors of the Agile Manifesto. They founded the Pragmatic Bookshelf publishing business in 2003.

The Pragmatic Bookshelf published it's most important book, in my opinion, in 2017 with the first pytest book available from any publisher.


  • The Pragmatic Programmer, the book
  • The Manifesto for Agile Software Development
  • Agile methodologies and lightweight methods
  • Some issues with "Agile" as it is now.
  • The GROWS Method
  • Pragmatic Bookshelf, the publishing company
  • How Pragmatic Bookshelf is different, and what it's like to be an author with them.
  • Reading and writing sci-fi novels, including Conglommora, Andy's novels.
  • Playing music.

Special Guest: Andy Hunt.

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