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Web Performance Optimization

We tuned the databases - for scaling up and scaling out - grids and clouds and no-sql. We tuned the servers - for scaling up and scaling out - farms and clusters and automated deployment. We tuned the network - accelerations and caching and CDNs. What's next? Web Performance Optimization - appealing to developers and designers alike, we are focusing on that last (or maybe first) piece of the puzzle: the client-side. There's been an explosion of tools and techniques around browser optimization and performance analysis, since the first time Steve Souders released the first version of YSlow! Now we have a twitter hash tage #WPO, meetup groups from New York to Seattle, to Frankfurt and Beijing. Vendors are rampantly adding "web performance" capabilities in their existing tools - trying to catch-up with the myriad open-source utilities employed by engineers learning the #WPO craft. This episode of PerfBytes will jump into the party and pass around a wealth of advice and context to understand the Web Performance Optimization fad. Original Air Date: Tuesday, January 8th, 2013 8AM EST


 2013-02-08  59m