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Agile Performance Testing

It's a lonely life, as a performance tester in an agile shop. Your work is pushed to the end of the iteration and then they shut you in the lab for four days right before the release. Well, it's time to get performance up-and-out of the lab and build it into the sprint. That's right - you can become a fully-integrated part of the SCRUM as a performance engineer, enhancing each user story with your brilliance about performance. This epsiode of PerfBytes will help you to transcend the lowly life in the lab and engage up-front with developers, product owners and stakeholders to raise their attention to the ever-increasing importance of performance. Where a user story fails to include performance criteria, you'll be there. When a developer fails to run multiple threads of a unit test, you'll be there. Able to construct an integrated performance test into a single nightly test run, it's you to the rescue! We can't promise that they'll give you a promotion, but you might start wearing a home-made super-hero costume with a capital 'P' enblazed across your chest.


 2013-04-16  1h0m