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The AskHistorians Podcast showcases the knowledge and enthusiasm of the AskHistorians community, a forum of more than 400,000 history academics, professionals, amateurs, and curious onlookers. The aim is to be a resource accessible across a wide range of listeners for historical topics which so often go overlooked. Together, we have a broad array of people capable of speaking in-depth on topics that get half a page on Wikipedia, a paragraph in a high-school textbook, and not even a minute on the History channel. The podcast aims to give a voice (literally!) to those areas of history, while not neglecting the more common covered topics. Part of the drive behind the podcast is absolutely to be a counterpoint to other forms popular media on history which only seem to cover the same couple of topics in the same couple ways over and over again.


episode 132: The Missouri Compromise of 1820 - A tale of slavery, politics and foreshadowing with /u/freedmenspatrol

Today on the AskHistorians podcast, we're joined by ante-bellum slavery expert, moderator and contributor extroardinaire Pat (or Freedmenspatrol), to discuss the Missouri Compromise of 1820. In this episode we look at the nature of slavery in the United States in the early 1800s, the explosive tension between pro- and anti-slavery advocates, and the enormous political battle which unfolded over slavery and the statehood of Missouri. 


You can follow Pat as /u/freemenspatrol on Reddit, or join us in the podcast discussion here!

~96 minutes


 2019-03-22  1h36m