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Hating In Plain Sight

In the aftermath of white supremacist attacks in New Zealand, there's a tension between reporting on the shooter's motivations and not amplifying his message. This week, On the Media examines how the press can navigate that persistent dilemma. Plus, the debate over whether online archives of jihadi terrorist propaganda should be open to the public. 1. Joan Donovan [@BostonJoan] presents the first of two opposing views on covering white supremacy: the press shouldn't cover the shooter's manifesto. Listen.2. Kathleen Belew [@kathleen_belew] has a different view: she says if we're to fight hate, we must understand it, publish the manifesto, and say the shooter's name. Listen.3. Dan Feidt [@HongPong] of Unicorn Riot [@UR_Ninja] on what alt-right groups are discussing in their secret online chatrooms, and what we learn by reading them. Listen.4. Charlie Winter [@charliewinter], Rukmini Callimachi [@rcallimachi], Ali Fisher [@WandrenPD], Amarnath Amarasingam [@AmarAmarasingam], Pieter Van Ostaeyen [@p_vanostaeyen], and Seamus Hughes [@SeamusHughes] on the debate over whether online archives of jihadi terrorist propaganda should be open to the public. Listen.Songs:
Capicua by Animal Chuki
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 2019-03-22  49m