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episode 55: #55: What Advice Would TRP Offer?

In this episode, TheRelationshiPodcast gives advice to people that write in. The big disclaimer is that they did not write in to us. Yes, we will be giving our 2-cents on all your love problems whether you like it or not. Doctor Ryan, Drey, and John are in the building.
What Piece of Advice Would TheRelationshiPodcast Offer? Outline

* He Turned Into A Pen Pal

* Summary: Hot intense relationship slowly fizzles.
* Question: Where does this go from here?
* Submitted by: Pen pals

* One Thing Led To Another …

* Summary: First sexual experience with a friend.
* Question: Did I ruin a good friendship by sleeping with him?
* Submitted by: Poked The Bear

* I Don’t Wish Them The Best

* Summary: Did so much for him and he leaves me.
* Question: Is it bad of me to be extremely bitter about this breakup?
* Submitted by: Bitter

* I Kissed My Friend’s Boyfriend

* Summary: I kissed my friends boyfriend.
* Question: What do I do now?
* Submitted by: Idiotic Girl

* Resource Reads:

* LoveLetters

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 2019-03-24  38m