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#435 – An Interview with Andreas Spiess

Welcome, Andreas Spiess!

  • You may know Andreas from his YouTube channel about connected devices and electronics, as “the guy with the Swiss accent”
  • The content on the channel is for intermediate people
  • A lot of his content is piecing things together
  • His newest video shows how to use tire pressure monitoring systems for home brewing
  • The advantage of age is having seen a lot and having “lots of hooks in the brain”
  • Goethe wrote “I didn’t have enough time to make it this short“
  • Andreas got started in the 70s, working on a forbidden fm transmitter
  • CB radio wasn’t allowed in Switzerland at the time.
  • He was in military service, where he learned Morse code.
  • He later worked in Cameroon and Damascus for the International Committee of the Red Cross.
  • After a degree in EE, he realized he made his hobby into his job.
  • After an MBA, Andreas started doing product management.
  • He also had a product that was a Morse code trainer. These were the topics of his first few videos on YouTube.
  • “Every engineer should go into sales” to learn about things like sales pressure and budgeting.
  • PhD in sales of investment goods.
  • Using tech used in manufacturing (SPC) but applied to sales.
  • First you had to find a process
  • ERP systems
  • Automation for buying parts
  • Rules are important for automation
  • “The most applied rule is ‘it depends’. This requires trained people which is expensive.”
  • Even AI is finding out the rules
  • “The most valuable world in the world is no”
  • ESP32, ESP8266
  • Rules based influenced on IoT interests
  • First computer was TRS80
  • James Bruton
  • Ben Krasnow’s cookie machine
  • Ben Krasnow’s video on laser traces.
  • Multiple Dimensions is a company that Andreas helped get started. They make 3D PCBs, shown in the video above.
  • Videos about antenna performance
  • Influence of battery life on antenna
  • Was first meant for PCBs and then later antennas were figured out
  • Sleepwalking an ESP32
  • Using both cores on the ESP32
  • Building a reggae robot.
  • AvE and This Old Tony
  • Fleet management
  • IoT App Story
  • OTA updates
  • Other things coming on the channel like BLE
  • Micro (circuit) python vs arduino
  • Will be doing a video with Damien George
  • Benchmarks of micropython
  • Check any of Andreas’ videos for contact info. He’s on FB and Twitter but mostly YouTube.


 2019-03-25  1h18m