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episode 82: GNR 82 – Permanent State of Regression

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Fab and Mike look at what’s happening in Brexit land and how the EU’s about to shoot itself in the foot with a copyright reform.

We are sorry that the recent episodes are taking ages to release. Fab had a lot going on at the moment…

The Danish can do rum. Fab has finally managed to rebuild the Sixgun site. He’s also launched his Magic podcast.

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My wife is fast asleep. But when she wakes up tomorrow, she‘ll have fresh bread. My first sourdough… a traditional German peasant bread.

— Fabian A. Scherschel (@fabsh) March 6, 2019

In this episode Mike and Fab talk politics again. Mainly Brexit (of course) and the current EU copyright reform. While some new stuff has happened since we recorded this episode, it’s still a very interesting discussion.

Mike has been listening to Gaslit Nation, a podcast about the machinations of the political elite in the US and especially the Trump administration. He’s also looked at reviews of the book We Need To Talk About Putin and it is a very interesting take on the enigmatic strongman from the East.

He mentions a Guardian story on the rise of populist rhethoric.

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 2019-03-25  2h35m