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Chris Gammell and Dave Jones' voices span the chasm of thousands of miles each and every week to speak to each other and industry experts about where the field of electronics is moving. Whether it be a late breaking story about a large semiconductor manufacturer, a new piece of must-have test equipment or just talking through recent issues with their circuit designs, Chris and Dave try to make electronics more accessible for the listeners. Most importantly, they try and make the field of electronics more fun. Guests range from advanced hobbyists working on exciting new projects up through C-level executives at a variety of relevant and innovative companies. Tune in to learn more about electronics and then join the conversation! Visit The Amp Hour website for our back catalog of 150+ episodes.



#436 – Downward Sloping Trace

  • Dave is judging the Keysight innovation challenge
  • EEs talk tech
  • May 1996 issue of Elektor had a very similar project to Dave’s later project (which he didn’t know about). He has previously reviewed Electronics Australia magazines and their demise.
  • ISP1016 CPLD 
  • Dave made a video about the logic analyzer
  • 40 MSPS
  • Timing analysis mode vs state analysis mode 
  • Throwing a scope on it
  • Custom heat sinks
  • Volumetric efficiency
  • The form factor informs the design
  • Aluminum extrusion video (how to get the heat out)
  • Heat sink design video
  • Heat sinks on previous incarnation of uSupply
  • Plastic melt story
  • DP832 power supply has thermal shutdown problems
  • Error stack up inside on a hot sydney day
  • Precompliance
  • The Practicing Mind


 2019-04-01  1h7m