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Rootstock Radio celebrates the changemakers who are working to restore and revitalize our broken food and farming system. We balance the doom-and-gloom with real-life solutions for contributing to a sustainable future.


Kendra Klein

On today’s episode of Rootstock Radio, we’re chatting with Kendra Klein, senior staff scientist at Friends of the Earth (FOE) and a seasoned writer, researcher and advocate (Kendra’s been at this kind of work for a full 17 years!). Kendra shares what that FOE is doing to change our food and agriculture system for the better. This includes an exciting new study about pesticides and organic diets, modest wins for organic agriculture in the 2018 Farm Bill, and efforts both to help us get off the “pesticide treadmill” and to make organic food available to all people, among many other things.


 2019-04-01  28m