Ark City

Ark City is the latest Audio Drama podcast from Steele Empire Productions. These sanctuary cities are strewn across the planet. Most world powers have setup cities to make a last stand in a hope to save mankind. There is a selection process going on as we speak. People from all races, religions and walks of life are being brought in to sustain the human race. This is a place for procreation and preparedness in our battle to win the right to exist!




Season 2
Welcome to Ark City


Voice Talents:

Elisha Mitchell -EV3
Paul Arbisi -9D9
Amara Steele -Young Karen
Jeff Moon -Karens dad, REO
David Steele -Lawful Good (Nathan Alexander)



Music Credits:

Giovani Goulart "Alone in the world" Theme Music

Tanja Milojevic -Little Teapot


Created by David Steele and Adam Christopher

Written by Adam Christopher

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 2019-04-01  7m