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The Future of Connected Health

Today’s subject is the future of Connected Health, based on a conversation with author and TEDx speaker, Dr. Joel Kvedar.  Dr. Kvedar takes us through the current state of Connected Health in this episode.  We cover some of the fascinating technology integrations out there today, an array of unique startups, and some of the regulation and compliance issues that are hindering Connected Health solutions.

In This Episode

  • Why the Healthspan is so much shorter than the Lifespan
  • How a variety of Connected Health startups are helping to lengthen the Healthspan
  • Policy and Regulations that challenge the growth of Connected Health solutions and startups.
  • How technology is being used in the world of Connected Health from Voice Analytics to Biomarkers.
  • The Future of Connected Health solutions and their impact on the Healthspan


 2019-04-02  44m