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Icy Veins Podcast 38 - Don't Topdeck Schemes

Icy Veins Podcast 38 - Don't Topdeck Schemes

In this episode:

[04:00] WoW: Patch 8.1.5 is live! Derek & Jaina cinematic, WoW Classic content plan
[16:00] Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows keywords and mechanics
[30:00] Heroes: Currency changes, new hero roles, character reworks
[40:00] Overwatch: Baptiste is live, balance changes, Overwatch league in 2020
[46:00] Diablo: Season 17 delay, Diablo on GoG

More information on the episode:
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The hosts are Patrick Beja (@NotPatrick) and Stan Duris (@heroespwn).
You can find Patrick's podcasts at frenchspin.com.
Thanks to Zadina for helping us discuss World of Warcraft and other games.
The opening is from Daniel Beja (@misterdanielb). His music is free of rights on MusicInCloud.fr.

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 2019-03-20  51m