Plastisphere: A podcast on plastic pollution in the environment

A podcast on plastic, people, and the planet. By @anjakrieger


Plastisphere Ep.5: Message from Midway

Chris Jordan has taken some of the most iconic pictures to shape our image of plastic pollution. He traveled to Midway Island on his quest to photograph the evasive "Great Pacific Garbage Patch", which is really a soup of microplastics. There, he documented albatross chicks who had died with their guts full of plastic. His images went viral, but they also haunted him so much that he decided to return to the island. In this episode of the podcast, Chris tells Anja how working on his film "Albatross" transformed him and his view on tackling plastic pollution. The Plastisphere is a research and interview podcast by German freelance journalist Anja Krieger. Transcript with links, images and tweets: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: @PlastispherePod Subscribe: Support: 
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Cover art: Maren von Stockhausen
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 2018-12-30  29m