Coding History

Eine Softwareentdeckungsreise zu Anfang und Gegenwart digitaler Kultur. Weltaneignung ohne Software ist mittlerweile unvorstellbar – aber wie ist sie entstanden und wie hat sie sich seither verändert? In Gesprächen und Reportagen versucht sich dieser Podcast an der Ent-Mystifizierung digitaler Artefakte.


CODE 7: Paige Morgan about Visible Prices

What would 3 shillings buy in 1834? And what wouldn't 3 shillings buy? »Visible Prices« is a digital humanities database project. It provides contexts by highlighting the relationships between prices and therefore shows how price proportion between different goods changed over time and space. Paige Morgan is developing »Visible Prices« as a linked open data project using RDF (Resource Description Framework). It is a searchable collection of price information from literary and historical texts. In this interview we talk about the idea behind the project and the challenges in building a database.


 2015-03-31  29m