Coding History

Eine Softwareentdeckungsreise zu Anfang und Gegenwart digitaler Kultur. Weltaneignung ohne Software ist mittlerweile unvorstellbar – aber wie ist sie entstanden und wie hat sie sich seither verändert? In Gesprächen und Reportagen versucht sich dieser Podcast an der Ent-Mystifizierung digitaler Artefakte.


CODE 6: Andrew Prescott about Big Data in the Arts and Humanities

The amount of data that is produced is growing exponentially. By now, Big Data is a buzz word in many fields and disciplines. Widely discussed not only in industry and academia, as well in the public sector. But what is Big Data? And are we witnessing a shift: Is there a »Big Data moment«? Andrew Prescott is a trained medieval historian and professor of Digital Humanities. In this interview we talk about the history of Big Data and some theoretical and methodical consequences for the Arts and Humanities.


 2015-03-30  36m