Coding History

Eine Softwareentdeckungsreise zu Anfang und Gegenwart digitaler Kultur. Weltaneignung ohne Software ist mittlerweile unvorstellbar – aber wie ist sie entstanden und wie hat sie sich seither verändert? In Gesprächen und Reportagen versucht sich dieser Podcast an der Ent-Mystifizierung digitaler Artefakte.


CODE 5: Ian Milligan about GeoCities, Web Archives and Digital History

GeoCities was one of the largest sites in the early days of the World Wide Web. In 2009 Yahoo! decided to shut down the community-based platform. Thirty-eight million pages and millions of images were about to get lost forever as Yahoo! did not facilitate user export. Ian Milligan is working with web archives and he examines the digital ruins of GeoCities. In this interview we talk about the challenges to work with this big amount of source material: What skills, methods and techniques do we need to work with born-digital collections?


 2015-03-27  35m