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The Final Reel: PET SEMATARY, Jordan Peele’s US and SUPERSECRET CINEMA

Enjoy a SuperStuffed SuperScreamer episode where I rip int what's out on the Big Screen starting with last weekend's staggering disappointment, the remake of STEPHEN KING's PET SEMATARY.

"Sometimes dead is BORING."

If that ruined your moviegoing plans, my SUPERSECRET CINEMA pick is the nightmarish French film CLIMAX directed by GASPAR NOE ("Irreversible", "Into the Void"), provided you have a taste for art films from Hell.

Even if the movie's not your cup of tea, check out this jaw-dropping opening dance routine that is a fucking fab-u-lous! Werk, betches!

And finally, you'll get to hear the tip of the iceberg of my thoughts about JORDAN PEELE's masterfully disturbing US.

You'll also get to hear about some of the big changes going on behind the scenes at SQHQ, some of the hurdles that have been popping up and some of the great plans for the show's future.


 2019-04-11  38m