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episode 405: Fight Like A Celtic Woman

We're gonna show you how to fight like a Celtic Woman on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Ciana, Eilis Crean, Susana Seivane, Haggis Rampant, Runa, Colleen Raney, Kyle Carey, Celtic Woman, Rebecca Gilbert and Kellswater Bridge, Cady Finlayson, Ashley Davis, Heather Dale, Christine Weir, Ida Elena, Emish, Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac I hope you enjoyed this week's show. If you did, please share the show with ONE friend. The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is dedicated to growing our community and helping the incredible artists who so generously share their music. If you find music you love, buy their albums, shirts, and songbooks, follow them on Spotify, see their shows, and drop them an email to let them know you heard them on the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. Remember also to Subscribe to the Celtic Music Magazine. Every week, I'll send you a few cool bits of Celtic music news. It's a quick and easy way to plug yourself into more great Celtic culture. Plus, you'll get 34 Celtic MP3s for Free, just for signing up today. Thank you again for being a Celt of Kindness. VOTE IN THE CELTIC TOP 20 With the new year comes a new votes in the Celtic Top 20. This is our way of finding the best songs and artists each year. Just list the show number, and the name of as many bands in the episode as you like. Your vote helps me create next year's Best Celtic music of 2019 episode.  Vote Now! THIS WEEK IN CELTIC MUSIC 0:05 "Maire Rua-Farewell to Whalley Range-The Winding Stair" by Ciana from Rubicon 5:25 "Marian's Return" by Eilis Crean from Searbh Siucra 7:54 "Dous Mares" by Susana Seivane from Os Sonos Que Volven 13:37 "Canon in D" by Haggis Rampant from Burly! Haggis Rampant Plugged In
Steve Brownlee, Gillian Brownlee, Pam Brownlee 17:01 "Thaney" by Runa from Ten: The Errant Night 22:07 CELTIC FEEDBACK 23:56 "The Collier's Daughter" by Colleen Raney from Standing in Doorways 27:29 "Casey Jones Whistle Blow" by Kyle Carey from North Star 31:08 "The Kesh Inn [Live]" by Celtic Woman from Homecoming: Live from Ireland 34:05 "Four Loom Weaver" by Rebecca Gilbert and Kellswater Bridge from As The Story Goes 39:45 "Beltaine" by Cady Finlayson from Celtic Purple 41:16 "His Bride I'll Be" by Ashley Davis from Night Travels 46:41 CELTIC PODCAST NEWS 48:35 "One of Us" by Heather Dale from Imagineer 51:54 "Warriors Cry" by Christine Weir from Weir Celts 56:03 "Rhunes In My Pocket" by Ida Elena from Native Spirit 59:29 "To the Company" by Emish from Sinners Make the Best Saints 1:06:51 "Òran an t-Saighdeir / The Soldier's Song" by Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac from Seinn The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast was produced by Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. To subscribe, go to Apple Podcasts or to our website where you can become a Patron of the Podcast for as little as $1 per episode. Promote Celtic culture through music at   CELTIC PODCAST NEWS * Helping you celebrate Celtic culture through music. My name is Marc Gunn. I am a Celtic musician and podcaster. This show is dedicated to the indie Celtic musicians. I want to ask you to support these artists. Share the show with your friends. And find more episodes at You can also support this podcast on Patreon. The next three months are pretty crazy for me. Now that my wife has finished school. My family and I are moving to Atlanta, Georgia. If you're part of the Celtic community in Georgia, please drop me an email. Because of this and a festival in May and then my Celtic Invasion of Star Wars, uh, Dingle, Ireland, I hope to have a whole bunch of guest podcast hosts in the days to come. Hopefully, you will see no interruption in your listening schedule. If you do notice something odd, please email me ASAP so I can fix it. There are many ways to support the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. You can make a donation through our website. You can buy a bumper sticker to show your support. You can buy a shirt or get the Sainted Song Henger Collection to tell the world you support Celtic culture through music. The best way is to become a Patron of the Podcast. TRAVEL WITH CELTIC INVASION VACATIONS
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 2019-04-11  1h11m