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episode 58: #58: Which Significant Other Does It Better?

I could not think of any thought provoking topics for my episode so I thought I would do something different. I will be asking scenario based questions and our hosts will answer if they or their partner does it better. Our TRP hosts will answer “I’m so handsome!” for themselves or “Baes on fleek!” for their significant other. I would highly encourage our lovely and gracious hosts to explain why they chose themselves or their partner. There will be some follow up questions as well. So lets game on!!
Which Significant Other Does It Better Than The Other? Outline

The real life Walking Dead occurs in 2020, which one of you would survive?

What do you think is the key for a relationship to survive?

Terrible Cooks on the Food Network invite the both of you on the show, who would reign supreme?

How should people handle the situation if your significant other is a terrible cook?

5 years ago both of you stopped working for Bang Bros as adult film actors. Who ends up with the larger body count?

Some people are bothered by their significant other’s number, how do you suggest they get over it?

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon invites you on the show because of your role in Crazy Rich Asians Lost In Tijuana. However, you forgot to get a haircut, who would cut your hair better?

As people grow older sometimes appearance change, should it matter if you or your partner are not attracted to each other like before?

Cliff diving into water is a popular thing to do when you are at a destination near a body of water. Which one of you is likely to push the other off the cliff?

In relationships, how important is it for couples to push each other to be the best version of themselves

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 2019-04-14  49m